Work approach.

AodinMedia is a full-service advertising communication group. We began operations in 2006 and have been growing and developing ever since.


We set ourselves ambitious goals from the very beginning, and as early as in 2009 our company already had partnerships with the largest companies of the northwest region of Russia.


Our unique approach gets us completely emerged in our partner's activities, and no matter what the task is, we always strive for ideal results. 2011 was a landmark year for AodinMedia, when we won the tender for Gazprom Neft. After completing the project, we etched out a place for the company on the federal market.

With our own advertising media base both out-of-home and indoor, we are always looking to grow.


In 2014, the AodinMedia representative office opened its doors in Moscow. Every step of the company's progress brings about a great deal of responsibility for us, first for all, before those we represent. Clients and their goals are our No. 1 priority! It's easy with us!

2016 stood out by our focus on projects for companies abroad. AodinMedia's most valuable resource is its team of experts. We're blind to borders! We continue to expand and do our job! Our new office abroad (which performed a true economic miracle) opened up new horizons for us. As we salute tomorrow, we also greet all of our new clients in Dubai!

Let's make history together! Your AodinMedia!